What’s On
Published: Sep 22, 2022 08:48 PM
Promotion material Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Promotion material Photo: Courtesy of Douban

'Forward' - art exhibition

This art show in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, is like a small art expo as more than 30 Chinese artists are participating. 

Over 100 artworks across a ­variety of mediums such as ­painting, sculpture and ­installation are on display to show how different generations of Chinese artists from the 1950s to the 1990s used art to interpret Chinese culture and society. 

Contemporary Chinese ink painting and Chinese pop art are two eye-catching sections of the exhibition. Both show how Chinese creators turn traditional aesthetics into up-to-date artistic expressions that can resonant with global audiences. 

Besides exhibiting artworks, the art exhibition has also launched a series of dynamic activities such as music and dance shows, poetry reading sessions and also theatre performances that compliment the art scene. 

Where: Cang Art Museum, Hangzhou  

When: Until November 26, 2022 

Price: 68 yuan ($10)

100 Years of Modern Art - art exhibition 

This art exhibition in Shanghai shows more than 57 authentic artworks from the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Italy. It offers a rare opportunity for Chinese art lovers to experience Western modern art. 

The exhibition features the works of European masters from 1865 to 1972. 

Its five sections introduce various genres in Western paintings and explore art's symbolism and schools such as the Realism and Abstract movements. 

Oil painting, photography, sculpture, installation, and art collage will all be covered by the exhibition. 

The show introduces legendary artists such as Monet, Van Gogh and the father of modern French painting Paul Cezanne. 

Modern and contemporary art lovers can also find works created by abstract painter Jackson Pollock and French artist Marcel Duchamp - an important figure in world art history known for his notorious yet iconic mass-produced urinal works. 

Where: Bund One Art Museum, Shanghai  

When: Until January 8, 2023  

Price: From 138 yuan ($19)

Zhiyin Shenyan Flower Expo - firework show 

This firework show in Wuhan, Hubei Province, will be an exciting event featuring 90 minutes of fireworks. 

Blending vivid music elements with tantalizing visuals, the show, whose main theme is "love," will present visitors with creative fireworks  such as waterfall, meteor and "letters" fireworks as well as more daring visuals such as a firework that forms a human face and body. 

Besides classic fireworks performances, visitors can also participate in other activities such as karaoke, Chinese snack experiments and group dancing. 

Where: Wuhan Flower Expo, Wuhan  

When: Until October 30, 2022 

Price: From 68 yuan ($10)