China hosts Russian film festival with 17 movies to be screened
Published: Sep 28, 2022 09:01 PM
The Russian Film Festival begins on September 26. Photo: Xu Liuliu/Global Times

The Russian Film Festival begins on September 26. Photo: Xu Liuliu/Global Times

Russian movies like Three Seconds, Attraction, Invasion, 30 Dates, and Metro, and other 12 movies will be screened at China's major streaming platform until October, according to the Russian Film Festival on Monday in Beijing. 

With the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture, the festival will not only bring Russian sci-fi, war and animation films to the audiences in China, but also create platforms for in-depth exchanges and mutual learning for filmmakers of the two countries. 

"It [the festival] provides an opportunity for filmmakers from both sides to communicate and learn from each other. I believe that everyone who loves movies can have a very good experience in this event," said Andrian Dorzhiev, the cultural official from the Russian Embassy in China on Monday, who hopes to witness more and more cultural exchanges between Russia and China. 

Besides the screening, the festival also includes an online seminar attended by directors and movie critics from the two countries. The sci-fi movies, The Spacewalker and Attraction have been highly rated on China's rating site Douban with good reputation and reviews. Bao Ran, a TV and film expert said that Russian science fiction films are worth learning from for domestic filmmakers because of their dedicated storytelling and filming industry technology. In terms of China-Russian film and cultural exchanges, he believes that on the basis of how to tell a story well, it is very important to take into consideration the characteristics of each other.

Sergey Selyanov, producer of The Spacewalker is now working on a project about children and the moon. He believes that Russian-style science fiction stories will also be loved by Chinese audiences.

"In the future, China and Russia may be able to increase mutual cooperation in the field of science fiction. We look forward to seeing a sci-fi blockbuster co-produced by China and Russia soon," he added.