Chinese fusion singer sings history into symphony
Published: Nov 20, 2022 11:03 PM
Chinese singer Gong Linna Photo: VCG

Chinese singer Gong Linna Photo: VCG

Chinese fusion singer Gong Linna has wrapped up her latest performance in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, honoring a well-known historical figure of patriotism through the use of symphony.

On Thursday evening, Gong performed the legendary divertimento Su Wu Herding Sheep accompanied by Chinese traditional instruments and the Chengdu Symphony Orchestra.

The divertimento was composed in 1997 by the singer Li Na, which has been praised by show business insiders as an insurmountable peak of Chinese singing. 25 years later, Gong brought this divertimento back to the stage of to the 28th "Autumn in Rongcheng" International Musical Season in Chengdu.

Su Wu Herding Sheep tells the story of the envoy Su Wu, sent by the Han emperor Wudi on a mission to the Huns, he was then held prisoner and exiled by the Huns in the Lake Baikal region where he started herding sheep.

In the 19 years he was kept there, Su Wu never betrayed his emperor nor his country and his determination in front of the hardships is remembered.

For Gong, this is a very touching story which not only represents the firmness of a hero's spirit, but it also expresses the importance of patriotism.

"I often think about the perseverance of Su Wu and every time I sing this song I feel like I'm experiencing his life myself," Gong said.

The divertimento is divided into 8 songs, each depicting a different stage of the story.

"I think that through this song more young people will have a chance to better understand history," Gong added.