SNOWFLYING committed to becoming domestic brand of tens of billions
Published: Nov 24, 2022 11:18 PM
Gao Dekang, chairman and president of BOSIDENG Group

Gao Dekang, chairman and president of BOSIDENG Group

Founded in 1999, the domestic brand SNOWFLYING has been ranked second by market share for the domestic down jacket market for more than 20 years. It's one of the important brands in the BOSIDENG Group. From inception, SNOWFLYING has experienced the reshuffle and reform of China's clothing industry, and has also witnessed the efforts of Chinese brands to advance to the middle and high end of the global value chain.

Gao Dekang, chairman and president of BOSIDENG Group, told the Global Times that the most certain opportunity for brand enterprises to compete in the future is to accelerate high-quality development and brand influence based on new consumer trends and expectations for a better life.

In 2022, SNOWFLYING is once again stepping up to a new level. The "Born for Snow" brand show unveiled in early November of 2022 fully interpreted the brand's value connotation in a new era. It conveyed a healthy and positive life concept benefiting all young consumers.

Chinese brands have always adhered to brand building in the spirit of the times and integrated with reform and innovation. 

In order to meet the market consumption needs, BOSIDENG Group established the brand of SNOWFLYING in the 1990s. This newly established brand was born with the gene of winter sports. As a core brand for the group to target the market, it becomes a key brand among BOSIDENG Group's down jacket.

"We focus on young consumers and we continue to enhance brand professionalism and brand recognition through cooperation with many internationally renowned ice and snow sports," said Gao.

Following in the footsteps China's macro economy, SNOWFLYING keeps transforming its brand so as to provide consumers with cost-effective down jackets with high quality. 

High-quality down jackets make SNOWFLYING stand out against market competition. Speaking of the need to build a new brand on the basis of original mature brand without hesitation, Gao said: "We perceived the rise of China's economy as the market opportunities brought by the diversified and personalized consumption needs of consumers."

The COVID-19 pandemic has further changed the development pattern of the global apparel industry, with most major brands affected. They are confronted with challenges and great pressure. In contrast, the volume of China's down jacket market keeps growing, expanding to 156.2 billion yuan ($21.85 billion) in 2021. The annual compound growth rate increased to 12.6 percent from 2015 to 2021. 

Through the operation models such as "Internet+," SNOWFLYING has engaged in new consumption channels, continuously explored new market opportunities and updated development goals, brand positioning and organizational system, so as to achieve soaring growth in sales. It was reported that SNOWFLYING's gross merchandise volume (GMV) reached 4.4 billion yuan just in 2021.

The world is facing major changes unprecedented over the last century. In the face of upcoming risks and challenges, SNOWFLYING has proved the correctness of the brand transformation and updating strategies.

Transformation has never been just a slogan written down on paper. We should put it into action by following the trend of the times based on the integration of current resources. Brand mainly comes from the ability to link consumers. Therefore, brands' development must be able to interact with young consumers and keep upgrading. 

The recently launched "Born for Snow" brand show is based on the three things that young people are most concerned about. "All of these have further consolidated the brand positioning of vitality, fashion and sports and linked with the trend of the times," said Gao.

Looking to the future, SNOWFLYING still has a bigger dream. Gao said: "SNOWFLYING will focus on the needs of the young people so as to become the front of mind clothing brand trusted by consumers in the internet era."

There is hope that SNOWFLYING will perhaps be another domestic brand of tens of billions, believing that the competitive stage of world-renowned brands will usher in more domestic innovation and healthy competition.