Digital artworks exhibited in Chengdu reflecting rebirth of society amid epidemic
Published: Dec 21, 2022 12:13 AM
The Rebirth of Phoenix by artist Wang Bing Photo:

The Rebirth of Phoenix by artist Wang Bing Photo:

The Second China Digital Art Fair opened on Saturday in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province, with 3D digital works on display.

Located inside Tianfu International Convention Centre in Chengdu Tianfu New District, the digital art fair exhibits works by different artists, following selection from thousands of digital artworks handed in by 398 artists.

The top prize winner was Wang Bing for her work The Rebirth of Phoenix - based on the legendary bird that comes to life after emerging from a huge fireball - indicating rebirth after a disaster.

The artist explained that the work was inspired by the spirit of persistence of people throughout the country who fought against the COVID-19 epidemic.

The first China Digital Art Fair was held in Chengdu in 2019, featuring digital paintings and sculptures. This time an upgraded and more immersive experience is being provided, involving 3D dynamic images and videos and immersive digital art works.

"Digitalization has long been seen in daily life, and so has digital art, which has unlimited market potential. The renewal ability brought by digital technology makes artworks no longer single items. Digitalization provides new possibilities for artists," well-known art critic Lu Rongzhi, who is also the academic curator for the fair, said at the opening ceremony.

An academic forum will also be held during the digital fair with three different areas - "The New Domain of Digital Art," "Digital Art in China," and "Application and Trends of Digital Art" - being discussed.

"Technological innovation has made artistic creation more diverse and dynamic. The exhibited works include not only creations with profound concepts, but also digital collections that meet the aesthetic needs of the public. And this is the convenience brought by digital art. Digital art should learn from tradition, coexist with tradition, and at the same time combine Oriental and Western styles," said Yishan, a digital artist who is also a curator of the Second China Digital Art Fair.

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