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Published: Dec 27, 2022 09:48 PM
Poster for the Surd of Nature show Photo: Courtesy of Li Yushuang

Poster for the Surd of Nature show Photo: Courtesy of Li Yushuang

'Surd of Nature' - art exhibition

This exhibition at the Yu Shuang Art Museum in Hanzhong, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province, shows the core ideas of Chinese artist Li Yushuang through many of his new creations, documents, scripts, literature and digital artworks, which are on display for the first time.

Seated inside the Qinling Mountains, an area with stunning landscapes and home to thousands of species, the Yu Shuang Art Museum was built to host the artworks and life studies of Li, whose artistic sensibilities was the perfect match for the Qinling Mountains.

Born in 1935, Li is the son of China's modern painting master Li Keran, who spent 70 years exploring nature in his own art.

In the 1940s, Li Keran proposed the idea to rediscover the source of the art through sketches of nature. His son Li Yushuang inherited this idea. The younger Li sought inspiration from mountains and rivers, slowly establishing his own interpretation of art and nature.

The Yu Shuang Art Museum is not only a home to the artist's creations, but also a leading rural art museum that works closely with local organizations on issues such as rural development. 

Multidisciplinary art and diversity are topics that the museum will continue to tackle with its exhibitions in the future.

Where: Yu Shuang Art Museum

When: Until February 28, 2023 

Price: Free entry

'Ducklings on a Lotus Pond' - silk art exhibition 

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Shanghai Museum's establishment, the museum is holding a special exhibition of kesi, or Chinese silk tapestry.

Among the several exhibits on display, the most precious is Ducklings on a Lotus Pond, a treasure handed down by Zhu Kerou from the Song Dynasty (960-1279). 

Born in Huating county (today's Songjiang district in Shanghai), Zhu was especially good at kesi art. Only seven of Zhu's works have survived to this day. These silk artworks are recognized as precious cultural relics and a highlight of Chinese handicrafts and traditional art. 

Due to the delicate nature of the work and the high environmental requirements to preserve it, the exhibition will only held for a short period of time throughout the second half of December. 

Where: Shanghai Museum, Shanghai 

When: Until January 1, 2023 

Price: Free entry

'2022 Hong Kong-Macao Visual Arts Biennale' - art exhibition   

Held every two years, the Hong Kong-Macao Visual Arts Biennale is an art gala that marks the cultural exchanges between the Chinese Mainland and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao. 

The 2022 biennale will maintain the event's diversity by showing artworks ranging from calligraphy works, paintings, photographs, graphic design works and also new media art. These works aim to reflect the changes and evolution of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. 

The 2022 edition has invited more than 30 artists/ groups to express their artistic opinions on the theme of "Art and Technology." 

This also marks the first time that the show is being held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. The Shenzhen Section, in line with the city's thriving digital, manufacturing and technological industries, will explore ethical issues related to art and technology through the exhibition Innovative City, Technology and Art.

Where: Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning, Shenzhen

When: Until February 19, 2023

Price: Free entry