Published: Jan 02, 2023 09:46 PM

Lu Han in the TV series Fighter of the Destiny 
Below: Lu Han Photos: IC

Lu Han in the TV series Fighter of the Destiny Below: Lu Han Photos: IC

The web romance drama Unchained Love will broadcast in Malaysia soon. Dramas with similar genres have been exported to many countries and now are popular in countries including the US, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

According to public data, ancient costume shows are the most popular Chinese dramas so far overseas. For this reason, Chinese studios have been only focusing on this genre to expand their market, thus limiting the content of Chinese dramas.  

Enriching the themes and genres of Chinese TV shows is key to breaking free from such a pale and thin situation.

Banyuetan Magazine commented on Sina Weibo

The fact that many online influencers are now trying to transform into professional singers has been discussed by Chinese netizens. Many people think that these online celebrities are just "a flash in the pan" and few will succeed. 

This industry needs a combination of talent, opportunity, and work to succeed. Internet celebrities who want to achieve success need to grow, improve their professionalism and accumulate strength.

Chenbao Wenyi, a Chinese cultural newspaper, posted on Sina Weibo

As the first month of 2023 starts today, how can young people get through the period of confusions they experience when it comes to their 20s? 

I see a similar situation for all of the people who come to me for consultation  -  an eagerness to control their lives. They want to solve all their problems immediately, whereas the reality is that their problems are not that urgent at all. 

Generally speaking, the people with these issues also tend to constantly work against themselves. 

They insinuate themselves as horrible and not good enough, and can't do anything successfully.

And the truth is that you need to choose one direction and follow it, so you will gain confidence from the positive feedback of success and then can start another positive cycle.

Banya, a psychotherapist, posted on Sina Weibo