Published: Jan 04, 2023 11:45 PM
Moviegoers wait to see The Battle At Lake Changjin II at a cinema in Shanghai. 
File photo: IC

Moviegoers wait to see The Battle At Lake Changjin II at a cinema in Shanghai. File photo: IC

As Chinese New Year is right around the corner, good movies for the holiday will be vital to regain audiences' confidence in cinemas. With the optimization and adjustment of the country's COVID-19 policy, the Chinese film industry is expected to come out of its slump and return to its former peak. The key is to present audiences with high quality films that can attract them and make them fall in love at once.  

It is conceivable that some film and television companies are annoyed at the moment as they were not well prepared for the adjustments to the pandemic policy, but as long as they have good scripts, it will never be too late to recover. 

Media commentator Tan Haojun 

As China's cultural and creative industry continues to upgrade itself, how can museums across the country seize this new opportunity to develop as well? 

It must be noted that, at their most basic, museums' cultural and creative products are market commodities. Countless people who are interested in museums, traditional culture and history form a huge consumer demographic for these products. 

This is why a number of uniquely designed "ugly but cute" museum cultural products have become extremely popular among consumers. Behind this "ugliness" are pioneering and innovative ideas from major museums who present cultural relics in a relaxed and fun way. The customers under high pressure from work are able to find some solace in these "ugly but cute" appearances.

Workers' Daily

After three years of waiting, fans have recently been disappointed by "reopening" concerts held by many singers. 

This begs the question: Are these singers ready to hold such huge events? 

Recently, many singers have rushed ahead to schedule performances for the coming Chinese New Year, but holding a concert requires the coordination and cooperation of many departments ,as the pandemic has led to deficiencies in the industry. 

Teams need to take a period of adjustment to ensure their businesses can return to normal.

Beijing Youth Daily