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Published: Jan 09, 2023 10:01 PM
Promotional material for Go Fighting Photo: IC

Promotional material for Go Fighting Photo: IC

Variety show highlights green efforts

The newest season of China's variety show Go Fighting debuted on Dragon Television on Saturday, kicking off 2023 by drawing audiences closer to China's environment protection efforts. 

Five popular Chinese celebrities, including actor Qin Hao, comedian Yue Yunpeng and Paralympic fencer Jin Jing, are taking part in the show. 

In keeping with the green theme of the season, the cast will travel to Chinese national parks such as the Northeast Tiger and ­Leopard ­National Park and the Wuyi ­Mountain National Park. 

Unlike traditional variety shows, the "National Park" season aims to immerse audiences in China's natural resources. 

The first episode was filmed in the tiger park, where the five celebrities fulfilled tasks such as helping raise tiger cubs as well as observing tigers in their home environment at night.  

Through these tasks, the program aims to convey the idea of harmonious co-existence between human beings and Mother Nature. 

This is not the first time Go Fighting has focused on seasons with educational significance. 

In 2021, the season themed "clear water and green mountains" was launched with idols such as Yu Shuxin and Yang Chaoyue. The 2021 season was filmed across the country in places such as the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with the goal of showing how China's poverty alleviation efforts have accelerated these regions' cultural and social development. 

Go Fighting airs every Saturday on the Dragon Television. It can also be found on online platforms such as Youku.