Published: Jan 09, 2023 11:55 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Yao-Chinese Folktales

Photo: Courtesy of Yao-Chinese Folktales

The new Chinese animated series Yao-Chinese Folktales suddenly went viral online, gaining a 9.9/10 rating on Bilibili, one of China's leading video-sharing platforms. 

The eight-part series, a collaboration between the Shanghai Animation Film Studio and Bilibili, is inspired by various well-known characters from Chinese literature works and illustrates a range of artistic styles such as paper cutting, watercolor painting and computer graphics. 

The Shanghai Animation Film Studio has produced many iconic and top-notch animated series, such as Havoc in Heaven, Calabash Brothers, and Black Cat Detective, which are deeply ingrained in the memories of many Chinese who were born in the 1980s and 1990s.

People have not seen such excellent works using traditional Chinese 2D painting style in quite a long while and the stories are full of conflict and a sense of future both in terms of scale and theme. Every story has been very solid.

China's 40-day chunyun or Spring Festival travel rush, the world's largest human migration, is expected to see about 2.09 billion passenger trips made in 2023, up 99.5 percent from the 2022 level, an official with China's Ministry of Transport said.

Students from many universities in the country have already started their holidays ahead of the Spring Festival. At this time, home is no longer just the destination for every ticket or a string of numbers on an ID card, but also occupies a special place in people's heart, becoming a place of emotional sustenance that one can't give up no matter how long they are away.

Why do people like to change their profile pictures? Some change their avatars several times a week, while others simply do not change theirs for several years. 

Some say that people who change their avatars frequently do so because they are too lonely. Although one's profile picture on WeChat, one of China's leading social media platforms, is just a "business card" for social exchanges, from a psychological perspective, the frequency of changing it may reveal what is on someone's mind.

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