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Published: Jan 15, 2023 11:26 PM


A man takes photos at the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Today Art Museum

A man takes photos at the exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Today Art Museum

Flowers Blossom Year After Year: Art Exhibition of Wu Shuang 

Diplomats from countries like Benin, Russia, South Korea and Japan visited Chinese artist Wu Shuang's latest exhibition at Beijing's Today Art Museum on Friday.

The exhibition displays over 80 paintings from Wu across three sections: Connotations in Wording, Image for Things, and Love for Spring. Flowers are a major theme in her paintings as she seeks to strike a balance between the poetry and painting traditions in the East and West through poetic colors, meaningful lines and artistic models full of imagination.

Her attention to detail in her paintings is just like her sensitivity toward life, from the name of the flower to the signature of the painting.

She has created a new garden with the painting brush, where we can find endless bright visions, spring scenery and her untiring exploration and contemplation of life. 

Rong Bao Zhai holds contemporary artist Fan Zeng's livestreaming exhibition

To commemorate its 350th year anniversary, the time-honored Chinese painting and calligraphy brand Rong Bao Zhai, or the Studio of Glorious Treasures, has been holding a series of special events since the middle of 2022.

The most recent special event is an exhibition celebrating the art career of Chinese contemporary artist/calligraphy master Fan Zeng, who has been closely working with Rong Bao Zhai since the 1970s. To bring Fan's art to more people, organizers livestreamed the exhibition on Sunday.

Rong Bao Zhai has organized exhibitions for Fan in Japan as well as in China's Hong Kong, both sparking attention in the 20th century.

This exhibition presents 99 works created during the last 40 years of Fan's career, including his representative woodblock watermark and calligraphy works, as well as seminars discussing his art.