Camus Cognac sees high demand in China during post-COVID recovery
Published: Jan 17, 2023 07:25 PM
Cyril Camus, president of the Camus Group Photo: Courtesy of Camus Cognac

Cyril Camus, president of the Camus Group Photo: Courtesy of Camus Cognac

The Camus luxury Cognac house, which officially entered the Haikou International Duty Free City in Hainan Province on October 28, 2022, is placing increased emphasis on the Chinese market as the consumption recovery of the world's second-largest economy has begun picking up momentum amid the post-COVID economic recovery.

"Even during the pandemic, demand for our products continued to increase, particularly in the luxury segment, while supply capacity was scarce. As the economy in China is expected to enjoy strong growth, and as the desire of consumers to seek refined products and brands with strong heritage grows, we will continue to focus our efforts on making our products available to the most discerning consumers," said Cyril Camus, president of the Camus Group and the fifth-­generation head of the Camus family.

In October 2022, the French Cognac brand Camus chose to land the brand's first and biggest Cognac gallery boutique in the world in the Haikou International Duty Free City, which is likely to become a new paradise for shoppers amid the overall rise in consumption being seen across the country.

The store, Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique, shows the unique charm of the century-old French Cognac house to China and the world, presenting a rich and diverse Cognac experience. It also represents the Camus Group's emphasis on the Chinese market - its determination to participate in the construction of the commercial core of the new harbor area and the future commercial landmark that is Haikou.

As the fifth largest Cognac house and the biggest family-owned Cognac company, Camus, founded in 1863, has been devoted to creating the most aromatic, the most beautiful Cognacs for the pleasure of those who enjoy the finest things in life. "Passion, perfectionism, sincerity, determination," the Camus Cognac family has been following this brand philosophy for 160 years, supporting it with constant innovations that have allowed it to lead the market. Over the centuries, five generations of family heirs have kept true to the same original intention.

"Based on this original intention, Camus aims to bring consumers an ­immersive Cognac experience and set a model of customized services with Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique in Haikou ­International Duty Free City," Cyril Camus said.

Camus Cognac has specially developed a variety of exclusive new products for its partner China Duty Free Group (CDFG), which are available exclusively in the Haikou International Duty Free City. The Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique is expected to become a benchmark in the global duty-free industry and pays tribute to the deep cooperative relationship that has existed between Camus and CDFG for many years.

The development of Camus in the ­Chinese market benefits from the ­long-standing China-France relationship. Over the years, Camus has maintained a long-term strategic partnership with CDFG. The Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique, as the largest flagship store of Camus Cognac in the world, is also where the company continues to work hard with its most trusted partner CDFG with high-quality resources and sincerity to explore the potential of the Hainan duty-free market, Cyril Camus said.

The Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique displays a full range of Camus products and rare Cognac exhibits. Photo: Courtesy of Camus Cognac

The Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique displays a full range of Camus products and rare Cognac exhibits. Photo: Courtesy of Camus Cognac

With a total area of 621 square meters, the store displays a full range of ­Camus products and rare Cognac exhibits, including the Camus Borderies Signature Collection and Intense Classic. There is also an exhibition area for Les Ateliers Camus in the store, which displays the collection of the Camus family - the Cuvee Masterpiece Collection, the Private Collection and the Cognacs exclusive for the Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique. The new Camus XO was also launched in the store for the Chinese market.

Soon the Camus Cognac Gallery Boutique will open its doors to unique experience rooms, such as Camus "Master Blender Class," which is tailor-made for customers who are keen on creating their own personalized Cognac. Customers can choose four Eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Les Fins Bois and Borderies crus of France, and mix them as they like, giving the Eaux-de-vie a unique taste according to their own preferences.

In China, sales of Camus Cognac, which ranks fifth in sales in the world, have been outperforming sales in other countries. In particular, Camus is the leader in the super-premium category.

"We see several important growth points in the Chinese market: growth of the number of connoisseurs, growth of consumers seeking the best in everything they buy, growth of home consumption, growth of premium mixology and consumption of cocktails," Cyril Camus said.

The company remains confident in the growth of the Chinese consumer market in the post-COVID recovery period. 

"While the global demand for Camus Cognacs exceeds the brand's supply ­capacity, Camus House will focus on maintaining the highest standards of quality in every bottle it releases in the market, making its products available to the most discerning consumers, and thus fulfilling the market demand for refined Cognacs," Cyril Camus said.

"As a company, we do particularly well in markets that have strong positive trends for luxury products purchases, as has been the case in China in recent years. China is seeing steady growth in connoisseurs seeking the best in everything they buy, and we, therefore, consider the Chinese market as one of our top priorities in fulfilling such demand," said Cyril Camus, adding that the company will increase the availability of its masterpiece and bespoke Cognacs in China.