Culture Beat: 'Where The Wind Blows'
Published: Feb 07, 2023 11:32 PM
Promotional material for Where The Wind Blows Photo: Courtesy of Maoyan

Promotional material for Where The Wind Blows Photo: Courtesy of Maoyan

'Where The Wind Blows'

Prior to its release, the Hong Kong blockbuster Where The Wind Blows was highly anticipated by countless moviegoers as this decade-spanning true crime thriller marks the first time actors Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung have cooperated on screen.

Released in the Chinese mainland on Sunday, the movie tells a fast-paced story ripe with details of two police officers in 1960s' Hong Kong.

The two main characters, Lui Lok, who just joins the police force, and Nam Kong, who comes from a wealthy family, become partners in the 1950s and slowly rise to the top of the police force. However, while their careers rise, they both fall into corruption. By the 1970s, their run comes to an end with the establishment of the Independent Commission against Corruption in Hong Kong.

The ambitiously long time span of the movie offers audiences an overall view of the ups and downs of the period. Moviegoers will be able to enjoy a hearty experience after watching a story of power and money versus ideals and justice.

'Five Hundred Miles'

People always yearn for a better life and crave what they do not have. So just imagine, if there was a chance for you to switch identities with a person you envy, would you do it? And if exchanging lives also means exchanging family members, would you still do it?

The movie Five Hundred Miles, now in theaters, tells such a story.

It tells the story of Zhong Da (played by actor Lei Jiayin), who goes on a blind date with Jin Hao (played by actress Zhang Xiaofei) but then suddenly finds himself in the body of the man (played by actor Zhang Youhao) who has a secret crush on Jin. This movie also explores friendship, family bonds, personal dreams and social issues.