Spain: Spanish Iberico ham
Published: Feb 17, 2023 02:48 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Embassy of Spain in China

Photo: Courtesy of Embassy of Spain in China

Julio Herráiz España, charge d'affaires, minister counsellor of the Kingdom of  Spain to China, participated in the Chinese promotion activity of the "Iberico Ham, Ambassador World Project," in Beijing. Jorge Toledo, European Union ambassador to China, Antonio Prieto, president of the Inter-professional Association of Iberian Pig, chef Irven Ni, and representatives of other institutions and the restaurant industry also attended the event. The "Iberico Ham, Ambassador World Project" is a joint project of ASICI, the Spanish government and the European Union to promote Iberico ham and to spread its cultural story.

China is one of the main strategic markets for this project due to its large consumer market, continuous growth potential and economic strength. This project aims to showcase the unique qualities of Iberico ham to make people know of the Spanish gastronomy.