Greece: Greek Ambassador attends
Published: Feb 17, 2023 02:57 PM

Photo: Courtesy of Embassy of Greece in China

Photo: Courtesy of  Embassy of Greece in China

Evgenios Kalpyris, Greek ambassador to China, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of 2022 (7th) World International of Things convention (WIOTC), in Beijing on February 10-11. "We are exploring things convention into energy management, the sparkly example is the Chalki Island in Greece. In this project, using the Internet of Things to smarten up the island's lighting system and optimize municipal electric vehicles. The Chalki Island Project successfully has spawned a national strategic plan and it aims to achieve green and digital transformation of all Greek islands, called Gr-eco islands. The project is a global development proposal to promote similar initiatives in Small Island Developing States. According to frame of Gr-Eco Islands, the Internet of Things will be used for the overall sustainable transformation of the Greek islands to ensure economic development
and the well-being of local residents, creating a strong and attractive brand as a sustainable tourist destination," he said at the conference.

The WIOTC is an influential and  authoritative, innovative, non-profit international organization for the Internet of Things, with global headquarters in Beijing, and has successfully held six consecutive conference and more than 100 international forums.