Culture Beat: A high-tech romance drama
Published: Mar 08, 2023 12:27 AM
Promotional material for <em>Green Plum</em> Photo: Courtesy of Sohu TV

Promotional material for Green Plum Photo: Courtesy of Sohu TV

Green Plum, a love drama about two young people, has been streaming on since Thursday.  

The drama tells the story of Jiang Yiyi, a graduate student majoring in artificial intelligence (AI) who is trying to bring back her deceased sister using AI technology. Along the way she happens to meet the field's expert "Zhu Ma." 

He Jianan, director of the drama, told media that the show was "sweet, healing and a good companion to watch during meals." 

Soon after its release, the show began receiving interesting comments on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo, where netizens described it as "another digital pickle." 

The term is a cyber buzzword that describes cultural productions that audiences like to watch while enjoying food. 

The show stars young actor Liu Xuwei as Zhu Ma and actress Guan Chang as Jiang. Both are emerging Chinese stars who have been professionally trained in acting. 

Guan said Jiang reflects the bravery of today's young generation of Chinese women. Her impression of Liu's character is that he is a "total contradiction" to Jiang. 

The director said that the emotional exchanges between the two characters were dramatic and posed an acting challenge for the actors, yet the two young performers nailed it pretty well.

2023 TV series examines lives of urban women

Aimed at showing three women's life stories intertwined with the opportunities and challenges in a major city, For the First Time in My Life is a 2023 TV drama that has been streaming on Mango TV since January 27.

The 14-episode series follows three women played by popular mainland actresses Wang Ziwen and Tang Yixin and Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu. 

Their stories cover subjects such as career, marriage, education and motherhood. As an urban drama, these topics are "relatable" to audiences and especially can arouse female viewers "sense of consensus," Chu Xin, a cultural sociologist, told the Global Times. 

In the show, Tang and Wang play two green-hand mothers with very different attitudes toward parenting. 

While Tang's character tends to put her child before her own needs, Wang's character believes in the freedom of individuality and continues her pursuits as a career woman. These two different attitudes represent the choices of women in today's society.