Trends: Exhibition at Prince Kung's Palace Museum
Published: Mar 22, 2023 01:08 AM
A view of the Prince Kung's Palace Photo: VCG

A view of the Prince Kung's Palace Photo: VCG

A traditional Chinese architectural model exhibition kicked off on Monday at the Prince Kung's Palace Museum in Beijing. 

From 1937 to 1947, members of the China Construction Society, represented by Zhu Qiqian, Liang Sicheng, and Lin Huiyin, surveyed and mapped Prince Kung's Palace. The field survey drawings and photos from that time became the most important basis for carrying out the restoration of the ancient buildings and indoor restoration of the palace. 

The ancient buildings' models at the exhibition hall include the main hall of Nanchan Temple, Zhaozhou Bridge, and the Guanyin Pavilion at Dule Temple.

The exhibition is scheduled to run until June 25.

China News Service

The Luojiaba Site Museum, set to open to the public at the end of April, has entered the final stages of preparation. 

This museum, nearly 12,000 square meters in size, will display the achievements of the local Ba people who lived in the eastern part of what is today Southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Experts believe that the Luojiaba site was in use from the Neolithic age to the Qin (221BC-206BC) and Han (206BC-AD220) dynasties, which allows it to help us understand the ancient culture of northeast Sichuan.

Guangming Daily

The Shanghai Astronomical Museum on Sheshan Mountain reopened this week after two years of renovation. 

The observatory on Shanghai's Sheshan Mountain was established by French missionaries a century ago when they decided to set up a 40 centimeter binocular refracting telescope shipped in from France. 

The telescope extended the global astronomical observation time thanks to Shanghai's eight-hour time difference from Europe. Thanks to the restoration, the century-old telescope has now been put back into operation.

Wenhui Daily