Hengqin music festival brings joy and happiness to youth
Culture, tourism bridge for Guangdong-Macao co-op
Published: Apr 13, 2023 08:49 PM
Photo: Xu Liuliu/GT

Photo: Xu Liuliu/GT

A song that won singer A Xi first place in a competition on Thursday to commemorate cooperation and exchanges in the Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, an island just across from the Macao Special Administrative Region that falls under the jurisdiction of the city of Zhuhai in South China's Guangdong Province.

The song "Qin Ao He Ming," or "Hengqin and Macao in Harmony," not only praises landmarks in the two ­places, but also inspires young talents and promotes the charm of the zone. 

"Hengqin and Macao are two places full of charm and youthful vigor," the young singer told the Global Times. 

"The in-depth cooperation zone attracts young people, who are bursting with new ideas and creativity in different fields."

The competition that A Xi and four other musicians from Guangdong Province and Macao won is part of efforts by the Economic Development Bureau of Hengqin to promote its cultural and tourism industry, which includes hosting the Youth for the Future Music Festival. 

Culture, tourism and conventions are one of the main directions that the zone needs to focus on, said Fu Yongge, a deputy director of the Executive Committee of the Hengqin Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone. 

"The music festival aims to establish Hengqin as a music industry brand and a destination for all the young people who love music and travel," he said. 

In 2021, China released a general plan for establishing the Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin, a major move to further the practice of "one country, two systems" and make the area an important driving force for Macao's long-term development. 

Following the twin city cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao will also be connected to further their participation in the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. 

According to the plan, the cooperation zone will develop new industries, such as sci-tech R&D and high-end manufacturing, to help promote ­Macao's economic diversification. Traditional Chinese medicines and other signature businesses in Macao, as well as industries including culture and tourism, conventions and exhibitions, and modern finance will be promoted.

The cooperation zone will be a new home for Macao residents to live and work, according to the plan. Macao residents are encouraged to find jobs there or create their own businesses. 

After the plan was released, more and more Macao residents started to travel north to enjoy life in Hengqin. The Hengqin Port has seen more than 13.4 million entries and exits in the past year and a half, reported Hong Kong-based Wen Wei Po. The number of Macao residents in the region reached 3.71 million, a strong year-on-year increase of 69.4 percent.

"We hope to see more and more Macao musicians and cultural workers come to Hengqin to enlarge our creative culture industry," Li Ziwei, director of the zone's Economic Development Department, told the Global Times on Thursday. 

The festival, which includes concert series, music industry talks and competitions, aims to provide a stage for more and more singers and talents from the mainland and Macao, Li said.

For music companies, music festivals and other events will gather and attract young talents who are willing to settle down in the island. 

"They can bring young blood, vigor, vitality and more possibilities," said Zhang Wenbin from Tencent Music Entertainment on Thursday.