China's top ballet workshop reveals potential of young talents
Published: May 03, 2023 08:51 PM
Photo: Courtesy of National Ballet of China

Photo: Courtesy of National Ballet of China

The National Ballet of China (NBC) presented a blockbuster show at the Beijing Tianqiao Theater during the five-day May Day holidays. 

Instead of watching worldwide renowned classics, audiences in the performing hall enjoyed distinctive dances created by young Chinese choreographers.

The performances from Monday to Wednesday were presented as part of the NBC's 13th Ballet Workshop. 

Following the theme "Exchanging and Fusing," the workshop presented nine creative and unique works from 13 young choreographers at the NBC, the youngest only 13 years old.

The workshop was established in 2010 by NBC director Feng Ying.

Thanks to the unconstrained imagination of these young talents, the shows cover diverse topics, ranging from observations on everyday life and feelings of about traditional culture to the reflections about life and the future. 

A total of 33 Chinese and foreign choreographers have presented 67 original works over the past 12 sessions, some of which have been invited to international art festivals or won international ballet competitions, Feng said.

"Twelve years make a cycle in the traditional Chinese ­zodiac. At the new starting point that is the 13th session, young talents are staying true to their original aspirations," noted Feng.

The workshop closed with Excerpts from Symphony Ballet: Ode to Joy, created by three NBC choreographers who once attended and cultivated their talents during previous workshops.

"We've seen many different details that we normally don't see in traditional ballet dances. Some parts were modernized and some were fused with traditional Chinese cultural elements," said Shi Yushan, a young audience member, after the show.