'Three Body' universe opens experience center in Shanghai
Published: May 07, 2023 11:05 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Li Nan

Photo: Courtesy of Li Nan

A new experience center based on Chinese Hugo Award winner Liu Cixin's sci-fi trilogy The Three-Body Problem has opened in Shanghai. 

The center is inspired by the story of the Stellar-class warship Gravity, which is depicted in the third book Death's End

Roughly 3,400 square meters in size, the center represents the universe of the Three Body trilogy through an immersive experience that makes use of advanced means such as AR, VR, AI and digital interactive art. 

This marks another attempt to enrich the universe of the franchise, which has also branched into film and TV series. 

Following the main storyline of Gravity pursuing the spaceship Blue Space, the center also involves multiple story branches for visitors to experience. A total of 100 visitors at a time will be able to join the crew of 16 characters and dozens of actors from the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center on the space trip. 

Global Times