Variety show ‘My Youth’ holds open day event
Published: Jun 06, 2023 10:36 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Pinky

Photo: Courtesy of Pinky

The variety show My Youth on Tencent Video hosted an open day event on Friday at Lingyun College.

An immersive new Chinese-style youth growth show, My Youth features 24 teenagers who love traditional culture. They have their own expertise in classical dance, folk music, opera and martial arts. They came to Lingyun College to learn traditional culture together and accepted the assessments of four “class teachers”: actress Ning Jing, Carman Lee, Michelle Chen and Liu Yan. 

Professor Yu Gengzhe from the School of History and Culture at Shaanxi Normal University gave a lecture on cultural terms to the students, as the show hopes to integrate modern expressions and traditional culture.  

Producer Duo Xiaomeng said, “I hope to use today's attitude to tell ancient stories and use ancient stories to reflect the lives of people today so that audiences can feel how traditional culture is in our blood.”

The program will also use new stage designs and new fashion of culture to create a collision between ancient and modern times, allowing audiences to see how China’s Generation Z inherited their own cultural spirit.

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