China National Traditional Orchestra unveils ethnic music concert 'Ode to Huangzhong Dalü'
Published: Jun 24, 2023 11:05 PM
Music concert

Music concert "Ode to Huangzhong Dalü" Photo:

The China National Traditional Orchestra unveiled its newly created ethnic music concert Ode to Huangzhong Dalü at the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing on Wednesday and Thursday. Focusing on the ancient Chinese musical system, the concert showcases the profound cultural heritage behind the traditional pitch system known as the 12 Lülü.

Huangzhong is the first note of this traditional pitch sequence. It, along with dalü, were the earliest musical scales recorded in written form, capturing the fleeting moments of sound.

Drawing inspiration and creative energy from these symbols, the new ethnic music concert was created to not only carry on tradition but also pioneer new styles.

Using the 12 LüLü to correspond to 12 classical and newly composed pieces, the concert employed diverse forms of presentation such as solos, ensembles, concertos, vocals, recitations and dances. These forms guided the audience to approach this ancient musical system and brought new vitality to this form of traditional culture.

Creation of the concert involved five national top-level artists, including Zhao Cong, the head of the China National Traditional Orchestra and the concert's artistic director, and Tian Qinxin, the director of the National Theatre of China and the show's general director.

The concert also invited Li Shibao, the dance director of the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theatre, along with dancers Gao Min and Wu Ao, to perform. Ruan Yuqun, a renowned female soprano from the China National Opera House, and Li Shuang, a male tenor, joined forces and performed the concluding piece Ode to Huangzhong Dalü.

"The China National Traditional Orchestra has perfectly showcased the continuity, inclusiveness, and innovation of Chinese civilization," Zhao said.

The concert began with the music of the "eight sounds" and used the interconnected nature of the 12 Lülü to trace the history of China. Through innovative stage design, the classical works used contemporary musical concepts to build a music appreciation space with Asian characteristics.

The concert interpreted the openness, inclusiveness, and integration of Chinese civilization through its works and ultimately performed the Huangzhong Dalü of the new era, composing a harmonious chapter for a community with a shared future for mankind.