Culture Beat: Acrobatic drama about modern military staged
Published: Aug 30, 2023 11:03 PM
An actor performs on the stage. Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center

An actor performs on the stage. Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Tianqiao Theater

Acrobatic drama about modern military staged

An acrobatic drama about China's modern military, Team No.3, wrapped up its five-day performance at the Beijing Tianqiao Theater on Wednesday.

The drama tells the story of a special young group who are trained to carry out a military mission full of unknown dangers.

Different from other acrobatic dramas, all the actors are veteran soldiers who were trained for the stage.

In order to make the production feel more realistic, a lot of acrobatic skills such as jumping, rolling, climbing, stacking and high throwing and catching were used in the play to show the high-level skills of the veteran soldiers. 

In addition to the display of professional acrobatics, the use of high-tech was implemented in the stage scenery and visual images to present to the audience a performance full of modern technology.

"This is the first time I have seen such an acrobatic show. I didn't expect them to speak their lines so well. I thought they were professional theater actors," said a stage play enthusiast after the show.

Cats exhibition debuts at Sichuan Museum

The Find Meow Notice - An Exhibition of Naïve Arts from Belarus made its debut at the Sichuan Museum in Southwest China's Sichuan Province, showcasing 50 cat-themed artworks by Belarusian artists Rimashevsky Igor Vileorovich and his wife.

The couple seamlessly integrated their own pet cats and the city life of Minsk into their artworks, crafting a captivating realm that serves as a vacation paradise for cat enthusiasts.

Through the lens of cats, the exhibition offers a visual narrative of Minsk's urban landscapes and the lives of its inhabitants. The portrayal of the cats in the artworks also mirrors the essence of urban life for contemporary city dwellers. The works aim to reevaluate the multifaceted relationship between humans and cats, as well as various facets of urban existence, according to Zhou Shihui, a staff member at the Sichuan Museum.

Prior to its arrival in Chengdu, the exhibition had been showcased in multiple cities, including Beijing, Xi'an and Shenzhen. To infuse a distinct Chengdu flair, the art exhibition ingeniously blends the feline figures with giant pandas and iconic architectural landmarks of the city.