Movie by late Tibetan director screened at Venice Film Festival
Published: Sep 07, 2023 11:31 PM
A still from

A still from "Snow Leopard", directed by Pema Tseden

Snow Leopard
, a masterpiece directed by late Tibetan filmmaker Pema Tseden, was screened at the 2023 Venice International Film Festival on Thursday. 

The film showcases the deep thinking of Tseden on people and society, culture and beliefs. It took three years to make.

At the premiere of Snow Leopard, Jigme Trinley - son of Tseden and an up-and-coming director in his own right - noted that his father's works look at Tibetan culture, life and the changing world. 

The film is about a snow leopard, a protected species, that kills the rams of a local herdsman. It looks at the different views and motivations of different people and shows the best and worst in humanity. 

Impressive visual effects and poetic language immerse the viewer in the reality of both humans and the snow leopard. The film was shot by Belgian cinematographer Matthias Delvaux.

The audience at the festival expressed their respect for the movie after the screening. Some fans said that his works not only let them appreciate the beauty of movies, but also inspire thought about the relationship between human beings and nature. 

A hashtag about Pema Tseden's film being screened at the Venice Film Festival had gained over 6.5 million of views as of today on Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo. 

Most Weibo users expressed their deep condolences to Tseden's family. "Always honor the memory of the director Pema Tseden and look forward to seeing this film in China soon," said one comment. 

Some media reports said the movie shows the depth and beauty of Tibetan culture from a unique perspective, and elevates the relationship between human beings and nature to a new level. 

Tseden devoted himself to constructing a cinematic universe based on Tibet's culture and way of life. 

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