Famous Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung concert accused of ‘false advertising’
Published: Sep 10, 2023 11:38 PM
Singer Jacky Cheung. File Photo: Xinhua

Singer Jacky Cheung. File Photo: Xinhua

The renowned Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung performed in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, on Friday, the first leg of his world tour amid allegations of "false advertising" against the organizers.

Most fans noted that there was a "huge disparity" between the ticketing schematic of the seats and  the actual seating at the venue. 

That means that the price on the website does not match the seating area as advertised, "This is cheating and it's also very misleading." one fan said on the Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo. 

It was the first major concert after Jacky Cheung, 60-year-old this year, was billed as the "God of songs,". 

When tickets went on sale for the Wuhan concert on June 21, numerous fans started grabbing a ticket for the show on one of the biggest online ticketing platforms Maoyan.

The organizers' actions are not fair to the fans, said Li, who said even though she had felt very lucky to have snatched a  1,980 yuan ($270) ticket that seemed to grant a good seat for the concert from what she saw in the seating area picture from ticketing platform, when she got the final seating number she found out it was in a very peripheral position.

Li said she hoped the organizers would give a response to the fans. 

While the organizers released an announcement on Wednesday about the seating area problem, which claimed they strictly issued tickets according to the ticketing schematic on Maoyan platform, added that people could contact the original ticketing platform to ask for a refund, once the disparity between the final seating and ticketing schematic was shownA die-hard fan, Wang, said it was the first time that the publishing seating plan was different from the venue seating.

A hashtag about the fans defended rights on Jacky Cheung's concert which is creating a stir on Weibo to reflect the seating price "downshifting" issue, and racked up 2,485 million of views and pulled in a mount of 3,306 interactions as of today. 

After this issue continued to ferment, fans who had bought tickets received the refund message from the organizers. Fans can provide tickets and bank account information before September 19, and the organizers will complete the refund within 15 working days after information verification, according to media reports. 

"Consumers had the rights to refund the tickets as such conduct violates the law," said Fan, a lawyer based in Beijing, told the Global Times today. 

After the three concerts in Wuhan and eight concerts in China's Macao special administrative region, Jacky Cheung is scheduled to tour Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan Province on October.