Da Vinci exhibition demonstrates mutual learning
Published: Nov 01, 2023 10:48 PM
Photo: Courtesy of China Academy of Art

Photo: Courtesy of China Academy of Art

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's vibrant spirit, the China Academy of Art recently held the Proposal to Leonardo da Vinci - Shanghai Science and Technology Art Exhibition and the 7th International Cross-Media Art Festival in Shanghai. 

Through artistic creation, academic forums and exhibitions, one of China's top fine art academies aimed to tackle issues related to art and modern technology. 

"Leonardo da Vinci is a mirror for us. When we make proposals for Leonardo through artistic creation, we are actually making proposals for ourselves, viewing the relationship between human beings and high technology," Gao Shiming, president of the China Academy of Art, told the Global Times. 

The festival consists of five major performance units and two major international academic forums. Artists from 13 countries and regions, including China, Canada, the US and the UK, are working together to present artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) art, generative art, video art, painting art and other types of works.

Photo: Courtesy of China Academy of Art

Photo: Courtesy of China Academy of Art

This exhibition takes the history of civilization as our toolbox, allowing Da Vinci and others to "become our working partners in mutual learning among world civilizations."

In Gao's eyes, Da Vinci is one of the greatest artists in human history and an "all-rounder among geniuses." All of these are due to the fact that "he is a tireless seeker of natural truth."

One of the sections is called "A Coder and Violin," which, according to artist Yao Dajun, is a concept formed by an anagram of Leonardo da Vinci's name, and is conceived in a way that deeply resembles Da Vinci's style. 

According to Gao, if Da Vinci traveled to today's world and faced the technological and cultural reality of the 21st century, he would explore the future of science, technology and art together with us. 

We shall tell him that in the 21st century, "the internet has launched another great voyage for mankind," as the metaverse and MR are triggering another "genesis." However, digital intelligence technology has accelerated advancement and crisis as well. AI and infinite computing power have made artists both happy and frustrated.  

"We are making proposals together."