Song for Chinese journalists released
Published: Nov 09, 2023 01:01 PM



My Name

My Name


The All-China Journalists Association officially released a song to pay tribute to Chinese journalists on the occasion of the 24th China Journalists' Day on Wednesday.

The song "My Name" received enthusiastic reviews after it was posted on multiple platforms across the country and generated a positive response.

The song, performed by many journalists and young singers, presents the journey of Chinese journalists adhering to their professional ideals through heartfelt lyrics and a moving melody. 

It demonstrates that Chinese journalists use words and cameras to record the pulse of the times and uphold fairness and justice. The song expresses the honorable sense of mission of Chinese journalists, who remain true to their original aspiration.

Meanwhile, the association has also released the music score and lyrics of the song to allow the public to sing along. In the score, the composer combined modern music elements with the theme of the song, presenting a musical work featuring both tradition and modernity.