Shandong’s intangible heritage exhibition wows Serbia
Published: Nov 27, 2023 07:52 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Xiao Wu

Photo: Courtesy of Xiao Wu

In a cultural celebration transcending borders, the 2023 "Rhythm of Shandong - Exhibition Show of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Shandong Province" unfolded in New Pazar, Serbia, on Sunday.

The exhibition, featuring traditional performances such as ethnic dances, Shandong clapper operas, acrobatics and folk songs, captivated the attention of more than 100 attendees, including members from local societies like the Chinese Business Association in Serbia, as well as local Chinese residents and Serbian citizens.

Guests from both countries, including Liu Binhua, director of the overseas Chinese affairs office of the Shandong provincial people's government, and Hosein Memić, minister of Tourism and Youth of Serbia, also attended the event.

Expressing gratitude for Minister Memić's presence, Liu highlighted the significance of showcasing the profound Qilu civilization, a regional culture formed and developed in East China's Shandong Province, and the diverse intangible cultural heritage of the province. 

Liu stated a hope to showcase Qilu culture and the diverse intangible cultural heritage of Shandong through the exhibition. 

He also emphasized the event's role in promoting the rich traditions of Chinese culture, fostering cultural exchange, and he extended a warm invitation to Minister Memić to lead another delegation to Shandong, further strengthening collaboration between Shandong and Serbia in various fields.

In his address, Memić expressed appreciation for the delegation's journey to Serbia and commended the splendid showcase of intangible cultural heritage. He also hoped that this cultural exchange would deepen the ties between Shandong and Serbia.

The exhibition is an overseas initiative by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Shandong Provincial People's Government, aimed at leveraging the strengths of the overseas Chinese community and promoting Chinese culture abroad. 

Since its inception in 2016, the exhibition has been held in more than 10 countries, sharing the tales of China, specifically Shandong, and enhancing the influence and appeal of Chinese and Qilu culture.

Following the event in New Pazar, the Shandong delegation is set to continue its tour with upcoming exhibitions in Germany and Italy.

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