Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts reveals winners of Wang Ziyun Art Awards
Published: Nov 27, 2023 09:15 PM
The exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Yao Jie

The exhibition Photo: Courtesy of Yao Jie

The final results of the Wang Ziyun Art Awards were revealed at the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in Xi'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province and a special exhibition also opened on Saturday at the academy's museum.

The awards, named after the late Chinese artist and sculptor Wang Ziyun, aim to encourage young artists to create high-quality sculpture pieces. Launched in 2019, they have already recognized numerous young talents.

Zhu Jinhui, President of the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, stated that these awards offer a stage for young students and emerging talents. The art pieces showcased represent the latest outcomes of teaching concepts and achievements in the sculpture discipline.

Lü Pinchang, Vice President of Jingdezhen Ceramics University, mentioned that the awards have become a platform for young artists. The newly inaugurated international forum for doctoral students provides an opportunity to observe the development and evolution of young artists.