Culture Beat: Story about family ties to hit big screens
Published: Nov 28, 2023 10:55 PM
Promotional material for <em>So Long For Love</em> Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Promotional material for So Long For Love Photo: Courtesy of Douban

So Long For Love, the latest movie from Chinese director Wang Xiaolie, will hit big screens across the country on Friday. Starring Yan Ni, Tan Songyun and Wu Jing, the movie tells the heartwarming story of a mom, her daughter and a cute dog. 

An adaption of director Wang's novel of the same name, it focuses on the dilemma faced by a family after losing a loved one. With the company of the dog, Kele, the mother and the daughter finally overcome their pain and regain the courage to live. 

Talking about the original idea behind the creation, the Chinese director said that "by making this story into the movie, I hope everyone can think of the people they want to see and the relatives they want to see."

Chinese actress Yan Ni, who plays the mother Pan Yanqiu in the movie, said, "I think she is a bit like me. Pan Yanqiu is a very ordinary mother, and we are all very ordinary people, but in fact every ordinary person has a very dramatic life."

Actor Wu Jing, who plays the father Li Boyu, said, "I am very lucky to have filmed such a warm story with a big warm family. Cherish the moment, cherish everyone around you, and cherish the love of everything around you."