Acclaimed Chinese film ‘Off the Stage’ garners praise at South Korean premiere
Published: Jan 03, 2024 01:37 AM
Poster of Chinese film

Poster of Chinese film "Off the stage". Photo: Sina Weibo

Chinese director Qiao Liang's latest film, Off the Stage, featuring performances by acclaimed actors such as He Saifei, recently made its debut in South Korea. The movie is set to hit theaters in China during this year's International Women's Day.

It joins the ranks of contemporary-themed Chinese films alongside Crested Ibis. Off the Stage follows the life of a renowned Peking opera performer, portrayed by He, juxtaposing her glamorous onstage persona with the struggles she faces offstage. The movie earned He the accolade of Best Actress at the 36th Golden Rooster Awards for her compelling portrayal.

Crested Ibis tells the story of journalist Kang Wen, who returns to her long-neglected hometown in Shaanxi's Tongchuan for a news assignment. Unintentionally stumbling upon a national treasure, the crested ibis, Kang becomes entangled in a web of conflicting interests. As the pursuit and concealment of this rare bird unfold, the film gradually exposes the hidden wounds of each character.

Qiao expressed initial concerns about the potential reception of Off the Stage in South Korea due to its focus on Peking opera, a traditional Chinese art form. However, he was pleasantly surprised by the audience's understanding and appreciation.

"I felt that South Korea is becoming increasingly familiar with China. The audiences also know about Yue opera, which I hadn't expected. One viewer even recognized the use of dialects in the film," Qiao noted.

"Both countries, being in the East, share similar concerns about family, emotions, and daily life. After watching the films, audiences are deeply moved," Qiao said.

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