Culture Beat: Exhibition showcases works of influential female artists
Published: Jan 03, 2024 11:05 PM
Promotional material for the <em>From the Other Hill</em> exhibition Photo: Courtesy of JADE Art Center

Promotional material for the From the Other Hill exhibition Photo: Courtesy of JADE Art Center

The exhibition From the Other Hill is ongoing at the JADE Art Center in Beijing. Featuring over 50 influential women artists, the exhibition brings together more than 100 works spanning painting, sculpture, installations, photography, and digital imagery. 

The showcase, curated by producers Liu Fangfei and Kou Qin, and masterminded by chief planners Wang Yue and Hu Danjie, will captivate visitors until January 24, 2024.

According to Hu Danjie, the chief curator, the exhibition seeks to provide a context for addressing future concerns, transcending gender issues, and exploring the multifaceted interaction between visual art and literature in the era of multimedia.

The exhibition not only stands as a large-scale group exhibition exclusively featuring female artists but also boasts an all-female team of curators actively engaged in the cultural domain. "We aim to provide more research and showcase opportunities for China's community of female artists," said Wang.