Over 80 performances to be staged to enliven Beijing’s Spring Festival
Published: Jan 18, 2024 11:03 PM
Photo: Courtesy of the China Performances and Arts Group

Photo: Courtesy of the Beijing Performanceand Arts Group

Over 80 performances including traditional Chinese opera, winter sports activities and concerts are going to be staged in Beijing to usher in the Lunar New Year and ignite the 2024 performance market, with the Beijing Performance and Arts Group set to kick off its fourth annual New Year celebration performance season on February 1, running through February 25.

The celebration begins with three classic plays adapted from the literary works of renowned Chinese author Lao She from February 1 to 7 as a nod to traditional Chinese culture.

The cultural festivities continue with performances of Peking Opera and Hebei Bangzi, a prominent type of opera in North China's Hebei Province, on February 14 and 15. Additionally, puppetry and traditional Chinese opera will also be showcased.

In a unique blend of art and sports, several performances will take place at the Olympic venues in Yanqing Olympic Park from February 11 to 15. Children's plays, acrobatics, songs, and other performances will entertain visitors, offering a fresh combination of "art plus sports" for a new way to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

During the Lunar New Year holiday, traditional operas will integrate traditional folk art and include various interactive experiences for the audience.

For those seeking a more modern celebration, three symphony concerts will take place on February 15, 16, and 24. These concerts will showcase the grace of traditional Chinese instruments, beloved classic tunes, and a fusion of traditional and contemporary Chinese music.

In addition, thrilling performances, including acrobatics, magic shows, and puppet shows, will be staged throughout the festival.

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