Culture beat: 3 grand artistic events to be held in Hong Kong
Published: Jan 28, 2024 10:59 PM
The <em>Chubby Hearts Hong Kong</em> art installation Photo: Courtesy of the Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund

The Chubby Hearts Hong Kong art installation Photo: Courtesy of the Mega Arts and Cultural Events Fund

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government has unveiled a series of measures to boost the cultural and artistic market, including the Chubby Hearts Hong Kong art installation, a commemorative Jin Yong sculpture art celebration, and a pop-up event called "ComplexCon Hong Kong 2024."

The first event, Chubby Hearts Hong Kong, features a colossal heart-shaped installation work designed by renowned British designer Anya Hindmarch. This exhibit will make its global debut with a massive floating red heart measuring approximately 12 meters in diameter.

From February 14 to 24, the installation work will be showcased in Statue Square in Central Hong Kong, while smaller floating red hearts, about 3 meters in diameter, will pop up daily at various landmarks and tourist spots across the city. The exhibition aims to spread love and positive energy, encouraging both visitors and locals to delve deeper into the heart of Hong Kong.

The sculpture exhibition A Heroic Legacy - Commemorating the Centenary of Jin Yong will take place from March 15 to July 2 at Edinburgh Place. This event will feature a large-scale martial arts sculpture exhibition by renowned Chinese sculptor Ren Zhe, showcasing 10 sculptures inspired by characters from Jin Yong's literary works.

Adding to the excitement is the globally anticipated trendsetting art and cultural event, ComplexCon Hong Kong 2024, scheduled from March 22 to 24. Making its debut outside the US, this event will bring together top-notch fashion and art from leading brands in Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions.

With an expected attendance of over 30,000 pop culture enthusiasts from around the world, the event promises to be a hub of the latest fashion trends and artistic innovations.