New alliance established for China's performing arts groups
Published: Jan 31, 2024 09:25 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Performances & Arts Group

Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Performances & Arts Group

A new alliance for China's various performing arts groups was established in Beijing on Tuesday. A total of over 20 troupes from cities like Shanghai, Chongqing and Hangzhou have joined the alliance. 

Representatives from the troupes and some artists discussed the cooperation and development of the alliance, as well as how to promote communication and cooperation among theaters. 

The same event on Tuesday also saw the launch of the Beijing Performance Theater Line by Beijing Performances & Arts Group, which aims at contributing to performing arts. The theater line includes all the theaters under the Beijing Performances & Arts Group, such as the Chinese Puppet Art Theater, the National Local Opera Performance Center and Nanluo Theater. 

The Beijing Performance Theater Line will be rooted in the group's nine theaters, giving full play to its content capabilities, the strength to create high-quality products, and the advantages of different performance types and content.

Zhang Li, chief operating officer of Beijing Performing Arts Group, said in an interview that the Beijing Performance Theater Line will start with the overall planning of theater space and scheduling, integrate the resources of the three major sectors of performing arts, movies, and sport, and become a new force to drive the country's performing arts industry.