SEF 2024 to feature 50+ entrepreneurial pioneers panels on impactful enterprise, community and creativity
Published: Feb 01, 2024 04:42 PM
The primary focus of this year’s Sharjah Entrepreneurship Festival 2023 (SEF 2023), taking place on 3rd and 4th February, at the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP), will reside on its 50 plus panel discussions and talks, featuring more than 200 of the greatest local, regional, and global industry minds.

SEF 2024 will cover a spectrum of entrepreneurial topics, from the future of global business to raising capital, monetising content creation, and promoting innovation in the digital economy.

These discussions, spread across four dedicated stages, namely, the Impact Stage, the Founders Stage, the Community Stage, and the Creative Stage, will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to gain knowledge, insights, tips, tricks, and skills from leading pioneers who have proven what it takes to create thriving businesses.

Impact Stage: Inspiring a New Generation to Make Their Mark

The Impact Stage, sponsored by Arada, sets the tone for SEF 2024 with discussions on inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs and exploring the fundamentals of building a business empire. Visionaries and industry leaders will uncover how to nurture innovation in the GCC's start-up landscape, offer insights and experienced knowledge about creating a thriving business, and share lessons they have learnt. Attendees can expect discussions on leadership principles, the realities of entrepreneurship, and funding their entrepreneurial dreams. The stage will also tackle the evolution of education, thinking globally with your business, the role of AI and GPT, and the art of personal branding.

Founders Stage: Empowering the Future of MENA Start-ups

The Founders Stage, part of the “Start-up Town” sponsored by EMAAR, will offer a roadmap for start-ups. Here, panel discussions and talks will cover the intricacies of raising capital, VR, deep tech, and the schools of the future, as well as inspirational founder stories and perspectives. Attendees will learn to navigate co-founder differences, bio-hacking, and the advantages of venture building and venture capital. The stage will also explore topics such as scaling start-ups, the impact of AI on the workforce, fintech advancements, and the evolving landscape of the e-mobility market and technology.

Community Stage: Fostering Entrepreneurship and Diversity

The Community Stage, sponsored by Alef, will focus on propelling entrepreneurship within Sharjah and the broader ecosystem, bringing together founders, investors, educators, and mentors. Discussions will revolve around taking advantage of the global tourism industry, empowering women in sports, and celebrating UAE's young trailblazers. Here, attendees can gain insights into the Arab literary scene, content creation as a business, and the emerging eco-fashion sector. The stage will also address topics such as building successful businesses with family members, achieving consistency for venture success, and standing out in the consumer goods market. Additionally, there will be discussions on monetising personal brands, building confidence, and promoting inclusivity.

Creative Stage: Innovations in the Digital Economy

The Creative Stage will come alive by exploring strategies for standing out in the market, starting a business in Sharjah, and being creative in the digital economy. Discussions will cover the emerging market of gaming and esports, VR, and other creative tech. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore branding, marketing, and advertising while shedding light on the cultural and creative sectors as a source of economic growth, as well as film and cinematography and the dynamics of digital communities.

With a mission to continually inspire the next generation of changemakers and promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the UAE and the region, SEF 2024, organised by Sharjah Entrepreneurship Centre, promises a dynamic and diverse content programme under the theme “Our Shared Canvas”, set to welcome over 5000 entrepreneurial enthusiasts, visionaries, and changemakers as the largest entrepreneurship event in the region.