'Three Body' TV series set to premiere in US streaming service
Published: Feb 07, 2024 04:15 PM
A poster of the Three Body TV series Photo: Courtesy of Tencent Video

A poster of the Three Body TV series Photo: Courtesy of Tencent Video

The Three Body TV series, which was adapted from Chinese science fiction novelist Liu Cixin's masterpiece, is scheduled to premiere on the American NBC Universal streaming platform Peacock on Saturday, marking a new step in promoting Chinese sci-fi works overseas. 

The entire series will be offered for streaming in one go and it will be available across the US, the producer Tencent, a Chinese leading technology company, reported on Wednesday.

Since its debut on Chinese streaming site Tencent Video in January of 2023, the drama has received an 8.7/10 rating on Chinese media review site Douban, based on reviews of over 430,000 viewers and has been regarded as the benchmark of Chinese-language science fiction television series. 

The sci-fi drama's accurate rendition and meticulous presentation of the original work has created a captivating audiovisual spectacle for the audience. Its vivid depiction of strong sci-fi concepts and its reflection on reality transcend linguistic, cultural, and aesthetic divides, resonating deeply with viewers across nations and sparking intense resonance.

The novel delves deeply into scientific concepts, such as the nature of reality, the Fermi paradox, and the limits of human knowledge. It explores the ethical dilemmas and existential challenges that arise when confronted with the vastness and potential hostility of the universe.

After seven years of refinement, the TV series has emerged with a narrative style that bears an international perspective. Through a realistic lens, it conveys the reflections and essence of Chinese culture, enabling this Chinese "cosmic novel" to resonate worldwide. Additionally, it has forged a new path for expanding Chinese cultural influence abroad, contributing to the global expansion of Chinese TV series.

The drama possesses a narrative brimming with splendid imagination and profound humanistic themes. Its integration of intellectual depth, artistic finesse, sci-fi elements, and relevance to reality has sparked a fervent 'Three-Body' craze worldwide since its debut. 

The series has reportedly surpassed 10 million views on YouTube, with a viewing duration exceeding 2.6 million hours.

Chinese sci-fi has undergone fast growth over the last decade, and a group of writers have emerged with more creative ideas such as sci-fi games, comics and animation.  

Liu won the Hugo Award in 2015 for his novel The Three Body Problem and another Chinese sci-fi author has won the domestic top sci-fi prizes Galaxy Award and Nebula Award multiple times.