Culture Beat: ‘Pegasus’ web series brings story of racing, teamwork
Published: Mar 03, 2024 10:30 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Youku

Photo: Courtesy of Youku

The racing-themed urban comedy web series Pegasus has debuted on Chinese streaming site Youku. The series, a spin-off of the movie, starts with the story of Zhang Chi (played by actor Wang Yanlin), a racing champion who dominates the tracks. But as destiny may have it, Zhang almost loses his life after a terrible accident during a race. However, instead of dying or suffering from severe injuries, he wakes up in the body of 21-year-old man Lin Zhendong (played by Hu Xianxu). 

Compared with the 2019 film directed by Han Han, which mainly focuses on the competition between Zhang and Lin, the web series adds more relationships to Zhang's racing team. The focus of the narrative is no longer Zhang and Sun Yuqiang's individual battles. Instead, it focuses on shaping a group portrait of the whole racing team, emphasizing friendship.

According to the screenwriter Xu Pengpeng, the story is about not only chasing dreams, but also young people who dare to try their best and have no regrets.

It is also an opportunity for the director Shiyiyue, who made the decision to make the web series. "We can see that victory in a race does not only comes down to the racer and the navigator, but also the support of the entire team. The success is not an individual success, but the success of a team," he said.