Russia is Your Friend: Putin Unites Young People From Across the World
Published: Mar 07, 2024 01:58 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin took the stage to address delegates at the World Youth Festival, held on the Sirius federal territory in Russia's Krasnodar region.

In his speech at the closing ceremony of the World Youth Festival, President Putin touched upon several issues that define the event, as well as the world at large.

Equal Сonditions for All Do Not Exist

"We are all born equal, but the question is: Are we growing, are we developing in equal conditions? The answer is, unfortunately, no. There is no equal world for all. And this is the main injustice of today’s world order, today’s world," Putin said during the closing ceremony of the World Youth Festival.

He also noted that the quest for a just world order would make the world more transparent, democratic, sustainable, balanced and secure.

There Is No Room for Anyone’s Exclusivity and Segregation

"If we are all equal, there is no place in the world for any kind of exclusivity, no place in the world for any arrogance, segregation, or similar things that are based on this distorted ground of anyone's exclusivity," he emphasized.

Russia’s Doors Are Open

"You have come to Russia, you have many friends here, I want you to know that all of Russia is now your friend. We are always open to you, to all your noble undertakings," the president noted.

Putin also expressed his confidence that young people from other countries would achieve many successes on their path.

Russia Sought to Create Conditions of Freedom and Friendship

In his speech, Putin also paid special attention to the fact that when the festival’s organizers invited people to come to Russia, they set very simple tasks.

"We wanted to create conditions of freedom, creativity, friendship that would allow you to communicate with each other, find new friends, and maybe partners for your future projects. I hope we have succeeded," he said.

Russia May Host Similar Youth Festivals in the Future

"If we succeed, we will do something similar in the future. For us, this is not the first such experiment, and I do hope, that it will not be our last," Putin added.