Sony says its operations in Chinese market like mobile phones running normally
Published: Mar 10, 2024 03:46 PM
Sony Photo: CFP

Sony Photo: CFP

Sony said its several businesses including its mobile phone business are operating normally in China, and the company has confidence in staying in the Chinese market.

The comments are in a response to some users on China's Weibo claiming that new mobile phones Xperia 1 VI and Xperia 10 VI will not be launched on the Chinese mainland. 

"Our several business sectors including the mobile phone business are operating steadily in China. China is one of Sony's most important overseas markets, and we are full of expectations for our future development in China, the company said in a note sent to the Global Times on Sunday. 

Xperia Z1 was first sold in Chinese mainland as early as 2013. Previously, Sony announced its financial results from July to September 2023, which showed that the revenue of the mobile division, which includes Xperia smartphones, fell significantly year-on-year, according to a report by on Saturday.

The performance of Sony mobile phones in the Chinese market has always attracted much attention. In recent years, with the rise of local Chinese mobile phone brands, Sony has faced fierce competition in the Chinese market. 

Despite this, the Global Times found that Sony is still selling mobile phone products on e-commerce platforms such as

In earlier comments shared with the Global Times, Sony said the company has always attached great importance to the personalized and diversified needs of the Chinese market, and actively joins hands with outstanding domestic partners in order to bring high-tech, high-value products and solutions that are more in line with local needs.

China's Government Work Report submitted on Tuesday to the national legislature for deliberation during the annual two sessions has generated strong confidence among Japanese enterprises in China as it shows the Chinese government's determination to keep promoting opening-up and optimizing the business environment for foreign-funded enterprises.

Multiple Japanese enterprises stated in interviews with the Global Times that they are looking forward to further exploring the market as "China cannot do without the world, and the world cannot do without China." 

A survey by the Japan External Trade Organization found that 90 percent of Japanese companies hope to expand their business in China or maintain their current status. Another survey conducted by the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China among its 1,700 member companies indicated that 88 percent of them still consider China as an important market.