Agreement signed between China and US on theatrical performances
Published: Mar 18, 2024 05:09 PM
Photo: Courtesy of China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd.

Photo: Courtesy of CPAA Theatres

CPAA Theatres, a subsidiary of China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd., and US company Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment inked an agreement on Friday in New York to cooperate in the fields of theatrical performances touring, production of theatrical works, talent training, and theater management.

According to the agreement, the two sides will cooperate in cultural and artistic exchanges, promote the touring of Broadway productions in China, and help promote China's outstanding artistic works to the Broadway stages.

Beyond theatrical productions, the agreement also includes plans for extensive personnel exchanges aimed at nurturing talent within the cultural and performing arts industries and sharing practices in theater management.

By pooling their resources and expertise, the two sides will also cooperate on the cultivation and creation of stage productions.

The signing of the memorandum represents a significant milestone in the long partnership between CPAA Theatres and Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment, which can be traced back to a strategic cooperation agreement signed in 2011.

In December 2023, Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment participated in the Silk Road International League of Theatres, initiated by CPAA Theatres.

Looking ahead, both parties are poised to leverage the Silk Road International League of Theatres as a catalyst for further collaboration, promoting the introduction of excellent Broadway plays and the spread of Chinese performing arts works, bridging domestic and foreign performing arts troupes to promote cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between China and the West.

On March 13, CPAA Theatres also signed an agreement with Boston University, aiming to promote school-enterprise cooperation in high-level arts education between China and the US.

According to the agreement, CPAA Theatres will collaborate with Boston University and Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment to launch an arts education training program.

The aim is to cultivate young talents in stage creation and arts management with an international perspective and innovative thinking.

Building upon classroom instruction, as the collaboration progresses, the program will adopt a "university-enterprise interaction" teaching model, combining theoretical teaching with practical observation.

Boston University will provide theoretical instruction, while Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment will serve as the overseas practice base, and CPAA Theatres will be the domestic practice base.

Students will not only acquire professional knowledge but also learn about the operational models and experiences of outstanding performing arts companies both at home and abroad. They will have the opportunity to closely interact with top Broadway producers and unique productions.

Outstanding students will also have the chance to intern or work with the CPAA Theatres, participating in future performances and productions of theatrical works.

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