China’s streaming giant releases new cultural content
Published: Mar 25, 2024 04:57 AM
Wang Xiaonan Photo: Screenshot from website

Wang Xiaonan Photo: Screenshot from website

A number of new shows on culture are set to air on Chinese streaming giant Youku as the platform celebrates its 12th anniversary of providing culture-related content. At the same time, Youku has also announced that it will create a cultural tourism product called "Cultural Tourism" to meet the diverse cultural needs of users.

As an internet platform that focuses on cultural content, Youku has successively produced a series of high-quality and popular programs such as Round Table School, Qiang Qiang Xing Tian Xia, and Guan Fu Dudu over the past 12 years. These programs have been rated over 8/10 at Chinese rating platform Douban. 

The site has worked closely with cultural celebrities such as Dou Wentao, Ma Weidu, Zhou Yijun, and Xu Zhiyuan to form a very influential position among contemporary cultural figures. 

According to Wang Xiaonan, general manager of Youku Cultural Content, the future plan will involve more celebrities and continue to consolidate language programs including talk shows and documentaries. 

Wang said that a people orientation has always been the starting point of this cultural content. Young audiences have higher and better pursuit of such content and are keen to learn about traditional Chinese culture and more. "High-quality content is our foundation and paying attention to the emotional needs of them and have new openings in cultural content," she added.