Culture Beat: New exhibition by Berlin-based artist at Red Brick Art Museum
Published: Mar 26, 2024 10:38 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Red Brick Art Museum

Photo: Courtesy of Red Brick Art Museum

As an artist with a long-standing focus on ecological issues, Berlin-based artist Tomás Saraceno combines the qualities of a visionary artist and a maverick scientist. His solo exhibition Complementarities recently made its debut at the Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing.

Curated by Yan Shijie, the exhibition is showcasing nearly 100 works by Saraceno, marking his most extensive solo exhibition in Asia in recent years.

From spider webs to humans, gravitational waves to particles of dust, Saraceno collaborates with local communities, scientific researchers and institutions around the world with the aim to seek out a more equal balance between humans, technology and biodiversity.

"Tomás Saraceno is constantly changing roles, from engaging with local communities, to strengthening a DIT (Do-It-Together) ethos, to designing and producing solar sculptures that fly without fossil fuels," Yan said.

The exhibition is set to run until August 18.