New season of 'Daddy at Home' shows how fathers take care of babies
Published: Apr 02, 2024 12:38 AM
Photo: Courtesy of Mango TV

Photo: Courtesy of Mango TV

The first episode of the variety show Daddy at Home aired on Mango TV on Sunday. The show aims to see how fathers do as homemakers responsible for taking care of babies.

The third season of the program focuses on families from all walks of life and different identities across the country, conveying that fathers express their love for children in their own way. It also pays tribute to the workers who have contributed to the country.

Four fathers - retired soldier Chang Jiong, chief officer Zhao Zhiyuan, train driver Wu Yi, and full-time father Yang Yongcong - shared their experiences with an observer lineup consisting of model Li Ai, singer Lee Seung-hyun, actress Cherrie Ying, singer Wei Chen and expert Zhang Yalian.

According to Lan Di, the director of all three seasons, there are many families in society and the story of each family is unique. The audience's thoughts and emotions will be different after watching the story of each family. So they hope that in every season, they can try new means of expression.

The four fathers have different occupations and when they return to take care of the home, how can they use their professional skills to raise their kids? After watching the show, audiences are sure to have their own thoughts on the matter.

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