Original musical ‘Flying Apsaras’ premieres
Published: Apr 29, 2024 03:28 AM
Musical drama Flying Apsaras Photo: Courtesy of China Oriental Performing Arts Group

Musical drama Flying Apsaras Photo: Courtesy of China Oriental Performing Arts Group

Musical drama Flying Apsaras, created by the China Oriental Performing Arts Group Co, Ltd, premiered at the Beijing Poly Theatre from Thursday to Saturday. As a project funded by China National Arts Fund in 2023, Flying Apsaras brings together top domestic and foreign art troupes, local governments and social media. 

The premiere of Flying Apsaras marks a grand event in the field of Chinese art. With Dunhuang culture as the background, this original musical combines traditional Chinese art with modern innovation, bringing the audience a sensory feast that spans time and space. 

The storyline of the musical revolves around the Guardians and the Travelers. The Guardians defend the murals of the Mogao Grottoes with their frail bodies; while the Travelers accidentally discover the Dunhuang murals and become involved in saving cultural heritage. These characters who span different eras and places manage to hold a dialogue with each other, demonstrating the protection and inheritance of culture by the Chinese nation. 

In terms of the production team, Flying Apsaras brings together top artist teams from home and abroad. Leigh Sachwitz, founder of the world-renowned Berlin multimedia content design company flora&faunavisions, gave Flying Apsaras a new audio-visual look in terms of media expression. Gao Tianhe, Li Zemei, Xu Jingjing, Zhao Yanbo and other actors from the China Oriental Performing Arts Group, HaloLive Theater, and Lanzhou Grand Theater gathered together to contribute their artistic power to the splendid Dunhuang culture.

The costumes, props and other details of the musical were also carefully designed. The hand-woven tassels highlight the characters' personalities, while biological materials such as polished abalone shells and seashells decorate the stage. Each piece of clothing deeply depicts the history of Chinese culture, showing the unique charm of each character.  "Each of us is a guardian, and we are willing to protect this long-standing civilization," producer Li Dun said excitedly.