Culture Beat: Hit show ‘Tender Light’ puts Wuyuan under the spotlight
Published: May 07, 2024 10:48 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Douban

Photo: Courtesy of Douban

The hit show Tender Light not only mesmerized audiences with its gripping plot, but also focused their attention on the scenic land of Wuyuan, East China's Jiangxi Province. Choosing Wuyuan as the setting for the story has made this place the center of attention overnight.   

Before deciding upon Wuyuan as the main setting for the show, director Yao Xiaofeng had gone through nationwide inspections to select a location. The mountains, rivers, quaint architecture and rich cultural atmosphere provide a unique stage for the show, during which the beautiful scenery arouses people's yearning for a better life, getting the audience more involved in the plot.

The scenery is not only enchanting, but also draws a portrait of a place full of vitality and mystery. Residents of Wuyuan are also proud to have their hometown depicted in the series and welcomed tourists who have come to visit the town. This kind of spontaneous local publicity and support has added to the popularity of the series and made more people interested in the place.

Therefore, the popularity of Tender Light is not only a success for a drama series, but also a promotion and showcase of Wuyuan. It brings the beautiful scenery and rich culture of the county to the public, as well as more opportunities and development to the area.