New TV series focuses on China’s intangible cultural heritage
Published: May 14, 2024 12:25 AM
Photo: Screenshot from website

Photo: Screenshot from website

A new TV series about the inheritance of China’s intangible heritage has begun airing on Hunan TV and Mango TV. Directed by Li Ang and starring Song Qian and Vic Chou, the series Reblooming Blue follows the story Chen Xiaoman, who returns to her hometown in Jingdezhen in East China’s Jiangxi Province after working in Beijing. She and Ke Yan work together to start a business to promote the intangible cultural heritage of porcelain.   

Qian, who plays Chen, said that “Chen Xiaoman actually has a hard time when working in Beijing and in her hometown as a porcelain inheritor, but she would be more satisfied if she focused more on porcelain.”

In the series, the characters played by Chou and actor Liu Chang have conflicts both emotionally and professionally. Faced with this relationship, both of them agree that emotionally they seem to be competing, but their careers are both dedicated to the pursuit of porcelain. As the plot develops, they may be able to achieve their goals.

Director Li Ang integrates the ideals of life and youth into his work. In the name of porcelain, he hopes that through this work, he can pay tribute to the older generation’s persistence in intangible cultural heritage, and at the same time allow a new generation of viewers to feel the beauty of ceramics and find ways to reinvent themselves.