‘Polyphony’ exhibition displays works from artists Chen Lingjie, Rong Zhuang
Published: May 15, 2024 09:51 PM
Photo: Courtesy of the Grand Corner

Photo: Courtesy of the Grand Corner

A new exhibition featuring artworks from Chinese artists Chen Lingjie and Rong Zhuang kicked off in Yuxi, Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, on Sunday. The Polyphony exhibition at the Grand Corner center was curated by Zhang Guanghua with Jia Fangzhou, Yang Wei, Chen Mo, Lu Hong, and Li Sen serving as academic hosts. 

Zhang said that this exhibition is a dialogue among paintings, architectures, sculptures, and landscapes. It is also a dialogue between painter Chen Lingjie and her young daughter Rong Zhuang. Although the protagonists of the exhibition are a mother and daughter, their roles in art are equal and independent. 

“Agricultural poetry” is a theme that artist Chen Lingjie has been working on for many years. “These works are named after the 24 Solar Terms and mainly depict working scenes or crops on the land of Chengjiang, my hometown. This is the first time that I have exhibited the works my hometown inspired me to create,” she said. 

Art critic Jia Fangzhou said that the exhibition space itself is a work of art that shows the interaction between architecture and art, and the influence of a mother on her children’s artistic talent. Chen Lingjie’s creations shift from realism to broader emotional expressions, while Rong Zhuang's paintings show a free nature. In addition, the architectural space is impressive with its character and style. The success of this exhibition also lies in the perfect combination of art and architectural space.