Culture Beat: Accessible version of movie ‘You Only Live Once’ released
Published: May 16, 2024 10:07 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Tencent Video

Photo: Courtesy of Tencent Video

The accessible version of hit movie You Only Live Once, directed and starring Jia Ling, was released on China's streaming site Tencent Video on Thursday, Global Accessibility Awareness Day. The movie is among the first accessible versions of 190 movies and TV series that the China Braille Library and tech giant Tencent are working together to provide to visually impaired users.

Both of them aim to provide free and high-quality barrier-free services, which include a number of popular movie and TV productions like The Long Season and The Three-Body Problem. 

In a video played at the event, director and actress Jia Ling called on the entire film and TV industry to authorize the production of more accessible versions of works so that the visually impaired can share the same beauty. 

Tencent's Accessible Theater is the first long video application to pass the Chinese Braille Library's accessibility test. The film and television resources in the theater will be gradually promoted to more than 400 public libraries across the country.

With the help of an AI large model developed by Tencent, the production efficiency to make an accessible film has increased by three times. The process includes steps such as script writing, dubbing and video synthesis. 

AI technology can be used to describe the video, generate a first draft of an oral script for reference by the production staff, and also automatically complete dubbing and synthetic editing.