Russian student encounters Eastern beauty in Chinese intangible cultural heritage ‘qipao’
Published: Jun 08, 2024 06:50 PM
"I'm a foreigner, but I am not an outsider!" In China, there is a group of "non-outsiders" among foreigners -- they enjoy Chinese cuisine, speak Chinese, read ancient poetry, and practice tai chi. Their unique bond with China has made them fall deeply in love with the country. Recently, the "Together We Gather" studio of has launched a series of short videos titled "Encountering China, Falling in Love with China -- Foreigners but not Outsiders," which tells the vivid stories of these "non-outsiders" and truly presents the new era of China against the background of its economic takeoff, social transformation, and beautiful landscapes from a foreigner's perspective. This is the episode: "Russian Student Garbuzova Sofia: 'Immersive' experience, encountering Eastern beauty in intangible cultural heritage qipao."